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Human Ant Farm


Everytime I see this view, it reminds me of an ant farm I had as a kid… I see this view practically every week and it seems like everyone here is always in such a hurry. I have come to the rapid realization that there are definitely more leaves on the ground than left on the tree for me, so now I just want to take a step back and try to absorb the things that mean the most to me and those close to me. I dont want to be one of the “ants” any longer but know I have to be for the short term. I know I haven’t posted in a long time, trying to get my lesion-addled brain around a few things to move on. Promise to do better, more for my self than anything else – I am not sure anyone is even still out there at times.

Much love and respect, fight on warriors!!

Thirteen/nineteen AF!!

Author:Zeke Chemodurow