Thanks for visiting the new site, this was not designed for a business (obviously!) or for any other purpose than to be a place for me to document some of the happenings going on in and around me and the small part of the world I am at during any given time.  Not saying there wont be some rants here or there that have nothing to do with anything other than for a place to vent.  I will put things here from my life or things that I think about that I want to just “put out there”.  I have moved a lot in my first 50 years on this planet, been around the world a few times as well, but never did a very good job of documenting it due to always being in a hurry.  Most of that travel was work-related, now any travel I do is going to be because I want to – not that I have to!  Time to forget about the “having to rush” and get to the “enjoying” part of life.  Thanks for the time and the visit, if you want to get in touch there is a contact page with details or I can be reached at zeke@zekestr.com.

Take care.


thirteen/nineteen AF!!

Author:Zeke Chemodurow