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Hey guys, wake the hell up!!


Been through a lot of airports recently, and in the process of normal activity, have had the occasion to use the restroom at a few airports. Twice in the past few days I have encountered other people (I assume they they identified themselves as the same sex as me) preparing to get ready to use the urinal prior to the urinal being vacant. Yes, I was at the urinal when someone behind me in line was unzipping and fumbling around in preparation for a deploy. The only thing I have to say is STOP!!. This is the kind of shit that not only makes people uncomfortable but also gets someone’s ass kicked.

Need a line on the floor kind of like at the pharmacy that says “if you are before this line please do not make any moves that resemble preparation of using the urinal, this will prevent bodily harm”. Just saying…

Be well all you MS fighters out there!!

Thirteen/nineteen AF!!

Author:Zeke Chemodurow